Even if you are not thinking of making a move to another real estate company, you owe it to yourself to listen to this video. Find out why over 13,000 agents switched to eXp  in the last year!

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Check out my short video explaining the real estate business with eXp Realty and the real estate training and mentoring benefits when you link arms with The Thomas Group.  

eXp Realty explained in 10 minutes

Listen to our real estate partner and mega real estate agent Jay Kinder answer all the questions about eXp, today's real estate business.

Why the thomas group joined exp realty

Learn more about why we switched our real estate business from RE/MAX to eXp Realty and how eXp Realty can benefit your real estate business as well.

Short video about exp and our group

Check out this short video full of information about eXp Realty real estate business and our group of real estate training experts.